My name is Megan and I am not one to just run to the computer and write a review about a product, but for this idol lash product I have been successfully using – I could not resist whatsoever! Laughing

As I grew up, I had several issues with the way I looked. In school, kids would always make fun of me because I never wore makeup or that I was not as pretty as the rest of the girls in my class. I must admit, until I decided to buy idol lash, I never in a million years thought I could regain the confidence in feeling pretty again.

The main struggle for me was always being the one with really short and boring eyelashes that were clearly a turn off to any guy or girl that came into my sight.

I guess you are probably wondering, how did I hear about idol lash? Well I heard about it from a radio ad on my mp3 player while walking to class in college. Soon as the radio ad started to talk about how I could get ‘celebrity eyelashes’ in just a matter of weeks, I knew I had to instantly skip class and figure out a way to buy this product.

Now with all of this in mind, I assume you are eager to hear my idol lash review, so I will get to it then!

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The day my Idol Lash arrived

After skipping class to order my Idol Lash, the time went so slow, but lucky for me it really only took a few days to have it shipped to my doorstep. Unlike anything else I have ever ordered to my house, the Idol Lash was packed in very groovy and sexy packaging.

The main content of the package was an eyeliner that gets applied to your eyes just like any other ordinary one. This was a relief to me because I was not sure how else they could improve my eyelashes without a similar type of device.

Applying the idol lash to my eyes was very simple to do and surprisingly it did not even make a mess anywhere. Once applied, I noticed no visible excess on either of my eyelashes. Also, since it was so easy to apply and only takes a few minutes, you could easily pull off using this in a rush or while on the go!

Feeling like an Idol yet?

A day or so went by and of course there were no noticeable results produced on my eyelashes just yet. I did not expect any crazy results at this point, but for all the prospective buyers out there, just wanted to give you a gentle heads up.

One concern I had about using idol lash was side effects. I mean the claim of having longer, thicker, darker, and fuller eyes really had me slightly worried about what damage that could do to my eyes or even my body.

I am happy to report that I experienced ZERO side effects. No burning or itchy eyes like some other cheap mascara leave you with.

How long did it take to start seeing results?

Now just as a heads up before I reveal my own personal results, like with any product or system out there, the actual time it is going to take for you to be able to successfully have ‘idol’ eyelashes will vary on a person by person basis.

For myself, it took me exactly 23 days to start seeing some very amazing looking eyelashes. That day I woke up it was almost like a night and day difference. I was absolutely astonished! Not only did my eyelashes grow much longer, but they also were much more pleasing to look at since they gained a more firm tone.

Oh and I wanted to also share one other amazing surprise about idol lash. It also can be used to pretty your eyebrows! I was able to use idol lash to gently pluck and reshape my eyebrows in ways that I never thought were physically possible.

Soon as I hit the one-month mark, I was genuinely starting to feel like that celebrity they promised about in the radio advertisement. Could I feel like this for the rest of my life? I sure hope so!

Nothing is perfect…so what’s the catch?

Not to bring a whole negative spin to this review, however there is one slight issue I wanted to bring to your attention. Unlike most eyeliner container sizes, the idol lash is quite small. The problem with the smaller size is it really only lasts for a month, and then you have to buy another one. I did notice my eye lashes slowly starting to return to their original state after about 2 months after I stopped using it.

However, I buckled and purchased another idol lash, and in a much more faster time period, my eyes were going back to that noticeable ‘celebrity’ look once again! Thankfully, the idol lash is not over priced whatsoever, so even on a student’s budget I am still able to afford using this product just fine without it putting a big dent on my bank account. Best of all, the company that makes idol lash is offering a free pack risk free trial, so what do you have to lose right?

To simply sum everything up here for you, should you go ahead and buy idol lash? Well after reading my idol lash review and being a happy customer for over a year, the clear and definitive answer is, YES! I have gone from that girl no one ever cared about, to having beautiful eyelashes in a very short period of time. This has given me more confidence than I ever thought possible.

Wishing you the most beautiful eyelashes ever!

- Megan Auger